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Domingo de Ramos con Maria 2018
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domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Rockelbel's Canon - 4 Cellos - ThePianoGuys

Rockelbel's Canon (Pachelbel's Canon in D) - 4 Cellos - ThePianoGuys

Publicado el 29/05/2012 por ThePianoGuys·
Ask any cellist. They'll tell you about what's it's like to play the cello part of Pachebel's Canon in D. It's the same 8 notes over and over and over again. The good news is, it's easy to memorize. The bad news is you don't know when to stop. There's a rumor floating around that says Pachelbel either died while writing it, never finishing the cello part, or that he dated a cellist and it did NOT go well. This arrangement is dedicated to all the cellists that have fallen asleep while playing this song...or at least wanted to fall asleep. Steven Sharp Nelson actually began writing this arrangment while bored at a wedding . . .